Emmaline and the Second Summer on Amazon 


Emmaline and the Second Summer tells the story of Emmaline Hazeltree, a young girl living a rather ordinary and sensible life until, one day, everything changes. Emmaline is sent to spend the summer on her grandfather’s farm and, on the way there, her parents announce they may be splitting up. She is heartbroken, but decides to make an effort at having an adventure over the summer, as her parents hoped she would. Adventure seems impossible with her worries and the loneliness of the farmhouse, until something extraordinary happens. Emmaline is transported to a different time and place, and she discovers something remarkable: that her world is all one great story, and there are those who ensure the story plays out as planned. They are the storysmiths, and Emmaline Hazeltree soon finds herself with the choice to become one of them. And, of course, where there are storysmiths, there will be storychangers, those seeking to disrupt the great story. Working on the side of goodness, Emmaline soon learns, is not always the simplest task.

Can a girl whose own story seems to be falling apart really help put the world’s story together?