Learning with a favorite board game (Free Printables!)

My kids’ violin teacher suggested we use Candy Land to practice violin, and I just loved this idea. So, one night I created an easy key and set of directions for applying our Suzuki violin practice tasks to playing this beloved board game. We played the game, and it was a success. Oh, and this mama went a little crazy and created two other sets of instructions for using Candy Land in our learning time. We now use this game to practice violin, our Classical Conversations memory work, and creative writing. As many creative teachers out there know, the possibilities are endless for using popular board games like Candy Land as learning tools because of the simple concepts and fun visuals on the boards, and also, kids love to win, or at least try to, so games are great in the home and classroom…and home classroom. At some point, after another cup of coffee, I want to go through our game/school closet and see what other activities we can turn in to school drills.

But look at this closet. (And this is after another crazy closet purge…) That will take a while. I’m hoping to get that done and to create a neat little binder with instructions for playing various popular games to practice school content. We’ll see…

Please feel free to download the free printable instructions on pdf I’ve created for playing Candy Land as learning practice by selecting the link(s) below, and please note: I am a big fan of Candy Land and its creators but in no way am I affiliated with Milton Bradley; I’m too busy braiding hair and molding little minds for a 9 to 5 gig. This was just for fun and learning and learning fun.

Have fun! And thanks to my girls’ violin teacher for the idea!