Welcome to the new Classical Violets site.

First things first. I’ll be posting blog entries from the previous site to this page before starting up with a new post this Friday. I hope you enjoy a look back at some of my ideas, rants, thoughts, and musings about homeschooling and parenting in general. My thought is that in case one person somewhere gets a little inspiration or encouragement or something from one of my old posts, then it was worth copying them to this sight. In this crazy, wonderful life of mothering, I know that sometimes a blog entry or a picture or an article that I see online is all it takes to give me a fresh idea or a little perspective on my day. In theory, I would love my best parenting ideas and advice to come from a nature walk or quiet time or a 200 year old book with that wonderfully musty and vanilla old book smell, but in all honesty, it doesn’t always happen like that in my life. And I’m thinking other mamas out there might have the same experience. Right? Anyone?….. Thus, I blog, and not because I think I have amazingly wise mothering secrets to share, but because it takes a village, and I feel that one way I can be connected to the village of mothers out there is through this blog.

See you Friday with some brand new content. Hopefully I’ll have something encouraging to share. But if it isn’t encouraging, then it will at least be honest. 🙂


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